About my gardening

gardener21.pngLet me talk about my gardening.I started my first allotment 5 years go after seeing an advert in a local mag.At that time nobody wanted them so I had a choice of plot.

It was the start of a different life.In fact if I was to be truthful it changed my life for ever…Including my husbands as he started out by just helping with the tough bits and ended up working the ground every weekend.

We started with a piece of ground that had not been dug for 4 years and we were digging up bits of old carpet for 2 of those !we now grow every type of vegetable you can imagine and are totally self sufficient in vegetables.

The second one we took on 3 years ago.That was so overgrown we did not know we had 10 grapevines till we started clearing it.This plot is mainly used for potaoes and onions…We have pounds and pounds of grapes that are made into wine every year..except this year they are a disaster.

The view from the allotments is stunning it looks out over Marlow and Maidenhead and is surrounded by fields.We have pheasents and partridge running around as well as Deer and rabbits.They do take a few crops but we have to keep things well netted but it is worth it.

When you need a break you just sit on the bench and watch the world go by.


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