Try your own wheat & gluten free sausages


Since my daughter was diagnosed with a wheat and gluten allergy I have been experimenting with various recipes to help her with her diet.As of yet I have not been very successful with the bread but she has now decided that she is better off with out any at all.I have had a lot of success with sausages though ……..

I have often made my own sausages any way and although you have to leave out the bulking agent like breadcrumbs it is so easy to make your own. .It does of course mean making an effort and having spare time but worth the effort.

You will of course need a mincer with a sausage attachment and sausage skins but very easy to get.

Below is a simple recipe but you can add to this as you get more confident.All sausages need fat as they can be very dry.So don’t be afraid if you think there is to much fat.



450 g/1 lb Pork shoulder

450g/ 1lb belly pork

2 tsp salt

1 tsp black pepper

freshly ground nutmeg or mace

pinch of marjoram or other herb of your choice

pinch sage

pinch cayenne


  • Chop pork & belly pork into small pieces first before you put through mincer.

  • Mix all ingredients together .

  • Put sausage attachment and skins on the end of mincer making sure you put a knot on the end of the casings.

  • Feed ingredients through mincer .

  • This can take a while with a hand wound machine but just takes a bit of practise.

  • Twist each sausage & seperate.

  • Tie a knot inthe end of each one.

  • You can bake or grill these sausages but I think frying is better as they are not so dry.

  • Of course if you can’t get casings you can make into patties .


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