Update on allotment

allotments1.jpgThe weather yesterday was not as good as it has been recently but we managed to go up for a couple of hours..even though it was quite damp and windy.At least we managed to blow away a few cobwebs.We are trying to dig as much as we can over so that we are more prepared for next year..Not that  it ever really stops ,there is always something to do and we like to go for at least an hour Saturday and Sunday mornings to get some fresh air as much as anything else.I dug up the first of the leeks which this year are much bigger than last year.The piece of the allotment the leeks are on was very well manured this year and  it certainly has made a difference.I also tidied up our grapevines.It was such a shame this year as the crop was a disaster because of all the really wet weather earlier in the year and we did not have one bunch!!Four of our vines died totally and we have decided to get rid of them and give us more space for strawberries next year.We are saving the remaining eight hoping they will have a better year next year.I little bit of TLC is needed.

It was such a shame as the previous owner of the allotment who had been on the allotment for 20 years before he died had taken years to nurture those grape vines and we were sorry to see them go ,but needs must .It was a great day for a bonfire and grape vines burn really well. and the ash will go back into the ground.

I came home and straight away it was into the kitchen making Leek and potato soup.I had also dug a few fennel bulbs which is one of my favourite vegetables.I wish though I could find a few more things to do with them.


I think the the best way is to roast them in the oven with a mixture of chunks of peppers,onions ,courgettes ,potatoes and any other bits of pieces I might have to hand…Drizzled with olive oil and with a good helping of salt and pepper and cooked in a hot oven,even better if in the last  few minutes before taking out of the oven you scatter grated cheese over the top…Yummy.

February 17th 2008

We are back up the allotments and ready to go.The weather is just glorious even if it is a bit chilly but lovely and sunny.A pair of thermals and gardening gloves and it is great to be back.We have dug it all over and sorted a few things and we can’t wait to get stuck in .

We still have leeks,savoy cabbages (wonderful this last year) and purple sprouting which we love ready to sprout.

We have winter onions in and a few rows of broad beans that were put in earlier and we are this morning going to put more broad beans in so they are staggered.

The last couple of weekends we have dug up the four grapevines from last year that died which has given us more space for more vegetables.It was a great shame as many years ago somebody nurtured them.The soil is just lovely.I am not sure if the vines helped with that or not but is so rich and crumbly.I have decided that is where my tomato plants are going as they will be in full sun.

New for this year will be sweet potato.I am not sure how to do them but I will try any thing once.They are ordered and will be sent when ready to go in..Anybody  out there with any advice for success?

One thing I am not doing this year is sweetcorn.Although it has been quite succesful in the past I can’t stand getting the corn off the cobs.I also think ..dare I say it..that frozen has more flavour.

Well after a great morning on the plot we are upto date with the prep work.

The first picture of the year…….




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