How to try and give up smoking and succeed

smoke.jpg  It is 3 years since I gave up smoking..Hooray! I never thought I would do it.I had been smoking for 47 years about  20 a   day but it had started to creep up to 30!It came to crunch day when I suddenly decided enough was enough and after  numerous attempts over the years to give them up I had to give it one more attempt.

I had been smoking since I was about 12 when it was encouraged to do so and very fashionable.My aunt gave me my first cigarette and thought nothing of it.We would smoke in cinemas and all the stars on the silver screen smoked and became our idols.

There was a small shop next to our favourite cinema , called the Chocolate box and the shop keeper had an old shoe box on the counter filled with single cigarettes from broken packets and we  could buy one!! You could even buy packets of 5 cigarettes in the late 1950’s..They were for the weekends .Nobody really wanted to buy the single cigarettes as you never knew how long they had been in the box or who had handled them.Still of course we were some times desperate.

For years I tried to give up and yet another crisis would crop up and after a few  days I would start smoking again.It was always a half hearted attempt to give up as I really enjoyed smoking and as a smoker will tell you ,there was nothing like having a fag after a meal ,sex or while in a pub having a drink.

It got to one stage when I was smoking so much that half the time I had smoked a cigarette and did not even realise I had smoked it!!..Or half of it would burn away in the ash tray.

Every time we flew any where on holiday I would sweat it out on the journey not being able to have a cigarette , thinking about it all the time ,even obsessed.As soon as we landed anywhere I would light a cigarette as soon as I got into a smoking area.

Then of course there is the money………………………..How much had it cost me? I have not a clue but I don’t think I want to know!

One day 3 years ago I was moaning that I could not afford to pay for something I needed ,My husband (a smoker ) said “No point in moaning you have not got the money for something when you are spending the money on cigarettes” He was so right.I decided there and then that I would give it one more bash…But did not tell him.



A few of the ways that helped me kick the habit in the end.

  • From the first day I never said “I am trying to give it up” I always said “I do not smoke”

  • Don’t tell any body you are going to give up at first .Wait until you have had a few days of not smoking or until somebody notices.The pressure from people keep asking you about it drives you nuts.”Have you had a fag yet?” “How many days has it been ?””How are you feeling?”

  • Get help and support from your local doctor  or nurse.Mine was great , I made an appointment and I went to see her ,I did not have a cigarette that morning and I went into her little office.She asked me to breath into a machine to measure my smoke and nicotine intake..It was over 20!! I had the shock of my life. Each week I went to her and each week my score had gone down until eventually it was NIL  ,that was a great day. Even after you have stopped smoking it is still in your lungs for a while. If you are in England you can get patches,gum or other aids to help stop smoking on prescription for the first 6 weeks.I decided on patches.

  • After about 3 weeks I went to have a shower one evening and my patch had dropped off.I found it in the garage where I had not been since the morning which proved I did not need them.I stopped using them that day.

  • Save the money.I am not a saver , in fact I have never saved anything in my life.I started in November and put each days money into a box.I never failed once.By the beginning of May I had enough for my husband and I to go to the Canaries for a week.(not spending money)..That really spurred me on seeing the money mount up . Three years on and we have had 5 holidays.I still put the money away.

  • Try not to worry to much about putting on weight.I don’t know of any one that has given up that has not put weight on but you can tackle that afterwards like I did…and you never know you might not!

  • Take each day at a time.If you have a relapse,start again.It’s not the end of the world and “Rome was not built in a day”

  • About 50% of smokers try to give up at least once a year.But what people don’t realise is that it does not matter if you fail,because sooner or later you are going to succeed.Even if you only stop for a few days or weeks at least that’s a few days or weeks with out smoking.

  • Nagging does not work.Tell people to stop nagging you to give up,you will do it when you are good and ready.

  • There has never been a better time to try.Now with the new laws about notr smoking in pubs and restaurants ,if you can be in a pub all evening and not smoke you can go a whole day.If you can go a whole day you can go two days…and so on.

  • Reward yourself..Out of the saved money….A new outfit,a pair of shoes,a new bag…any thing.

  • If you need any me

         Be proud of yourself…..It was one of the best things I have ever done in my life.



4 thoughts on “How to try and give up smoking and succeed

  1. Well done – I am very proud of you – I gave up 4 years ago and it is one of the toughest things i ever did but in the end you reap the rewards – I initially put on some weight but have since lost that as you have to do one thing at a time so if you are considering giving up smoking remember if you put on a bit of weight you can always lose the weight afterwards and always think positively and the most important thing about giving up is you have to do it for yourself not because someone wants you too ………. Good Luck

  2. I gave up for a year (2006) and then started again when my dad died (ironically of Lung Cancer caused by smoking) I decided I would do it again in 2008, I was doing brilliantly up until yesterday, my husband has gone away for the weekend and without him here to encourage me, I caved. I must have been desperate as it was raining and I had to put the kids in the car and drive 3 miles to our nearest shop. I bought 10 cigarettes, felt really guilty after having one but that hasn’t stopped me having 4 today. I feel sick and my head is wooshy. I am so annoyed with myself, I really thought I’d cracked it, Ok I know the kids are driving me nuts, but then they always do! I’ve no excuse. I will start (or stop!) again tomorrow, new week new start or something like that.
    Thanks for letting me rant!!!!!
    Claire xx

  3. You can rant as much as you like 🙂 ..I am not sure how true it is but they reckon that nicotine only takes 48hours to leave your body , so the rest is in the smokers mind…As they say in all the best books “Get back on your horse”
    I reckon that it was one of the best thing i have ever achieved in my life ,so feel pleased that you gave it up for a year…That is a year of a healthy body.Let me know how you get on …Good luck,Jackie

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