A new year ,a new start and great food .

resolution.jpgWell here we are again another new year and yet another new start.We had Christmas and New Year in Feuraventura where we have gone for the past 4 years.It is a wonderful island for us at it is everything we need…Rest,walks,peace and quiet ,all the good books I have been meaning to read and most of all wonderful sunshine and warmth when we need a winter boost.

We always have wonderful weather when we go there but this holiday was the warmest we have had at around about 27 c most days and the most wonderful blue skies.Having left England at 5c it was a great start to the holiday.

I always look forward to the holidays there mainly for the wonderful restaurants with wonderful food.We really dislike  places to eat that advertise Traditional English Christmas dinners …Turkey with all the trimmings,Christmas pud etc., They are fine in their place but that is England not the Canarie Islands.People do seem to expect it though and I just can’t understand why they go half way around the world and expect to be the same as at home.

Because the seafood in England is so expensive and the prawns that we can afford to buy so small (more like shrimps) I tend to eat seafood most days.Wonderful,wonderful, sea bass….huge prawns….fresh tuna cooked to perfection.If I could bring all this back in my suitcase I most certainly would.

We have a favourite restaurant that is not Spanish at all but Italian.It is called El Torro and the first time we went to the Island and had our Christmas dinner there (Lobster with  champagne sauce) there was only one other table occupied.The young couple that run it Sonia and Walter are just great ,very welcoming and really make you feel as if you are the most important people around..It has grown in popularity over the years and this Christmas and New year the place was packed .They still welcome us with open arms and they still threat all customers as if they were the only ones .We are thrilled that they have made it good and are going from strength to strength.

January 8th

Everything now is back to normal the holidays are over and we are all back to work.Although I tried to eat sensibly and healthily it was near impossible (eyes being bigger than my belly!) I very rarely eat puddings or cakes at home but on holiday could I resist them …NO.

I put on 6 lb in weight in a week , it was such a shock.What an idiot!after the 2 years of keeping my weight stable I nearly went on the slippery slope.I am, back on course now and I have lost 4 of those lbs..No way do I want to go back to being that lump of lard that I was 2 years ago so it has been healthy eating this week with loads of salads and fish .

We also managed a few hours at the allotments at the weekend,it was cold but lovely and bright as we really were going stir crazy after being outside while we were on holiday.At least I got some exercise to start off the year , just digging the ground over ready for the new season..

My new aim for the new year is to learn to swim.I promised my self last year but as I suffer from Psoriasis I always been to self conscious.My skin is really quite good at the moment probably due to a number of things..Holiday in the sun,diet and a feeling of well being .So I bit the bullet today and signed up at the local pool…and paid for it ….no excuse..I start next Monday evening.At sixtish I think it’s about time…Watch this space.


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