Leaving home & downsizing the food.

leaving1.jpgThis last week has had my youngest daughter (of at least 30ish) leaving home and moving to a flat in the village where we live.She is only about 10 minutes walk away and because I am in the village everyday I will see her…..But what about the wonderful meals I cook ?My husband does not eat vegetables and has different meals to me and Beck,he does not like chilli etc., so what now? I can’t cook for her every day and take the food down in a doggy bag!!! I am going to have to scale down my cooking.As it is we have 2 freezers full of vegetables,meat and meals…..

Beck has lived away from home before but been home for a couple of years.We are both “Foodies” (with a capital F)and just love food.I don’t mean eating too much , just good food with as many fresh ingredients as we can manage.I am hoping that she will keep this up and still need my vegetables that I grow otherwise we will be knee deep in cabbages etc., She reckons that she will but she is living above a sweet shop!!!


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