Back again.

Summer seems such a busy time with not only both the allotments but  the reaping the rewards and cooking all the     produce rather than let any go to waste.

It has been a great year with a shaky start due to the hot dry weather earlier in  the year. Rains later revived every thing and it has been a great year in all with about an 80% success rate. The main successes were the bollotti and haricot beans , beetroot , potatoes , savoy cabbages and almost every thing else.The big failure I reckon were the onions which although were fine , were not as big as usual or as juicy but hung in our garage though in onions sacks they look quite impressive. The other Failure was our early purple sprouting broccoli it just fried in the early hot weather and was only a couple of meals … oh well !

This year for the first time we grew late potatoes.Planted in late August the advert said the late Charlotte  and Bambino potatoes would be ready to pick in October and you could still be digging them up Christmas day! As we had space to spare we thought we would give them a go….What a great crop! we have new potatoes now and I reckon we could still be digging them at Christmas….Where there are potatoes there are fewer weeds..A result. These were ordered from

The next entry will be … what do I do with it all ?


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