And theres more…

It is a while since I have updated my blog for various reasons ,but feel I am missing out on something special, you see this blog is me and the only written thing I have ever had in print. I know that may sound corny but I feel it is important that I carry on and add to my pride and joy.

Most of my life is enjoyed by sharing it with family and  gardening on my allotments which are set in the most beautiful countryside .This time of year I am at my best as it is light enough and warm enough to go to the allotments 10 minutes by bike from my house and water and weed for England! Trotting around are pheasants and partridge with their young ,rabbits  (too many) small deer and others.I go around about 6 . 30 – 7 and stay until 8.15 when I have to go to work in my local shop .

The weekends again are spent most mornings weather permitting watering,weeding and planting. It is now mid April and everything is late this year , but nature always has a way of catching up.

I am nearly into my mid 60s and since having the allotments and losing loads of weight I have changed my life for the better.I grow all our vegetables , I don’t eat much meat as I can’t see the point (the occasional sausage or chicken )and eat a lot of wonderful fish which we get delivered from a company in Grimsby .The more vegetables I grow the less meat I eat as believe it or not vegetable cooked properly are wonderful. The less rubbish I can put in my body the better..”You are what you eat” they say and I believe this to be true.

This weekend being Easter weekend and a little more time, we have dug an asparagus patch , I should have done it years ago as not only one of my favourite vegetables but it takes 2 years at least top establish itself,another small challenge.Any advice would be gratefully received.

My next project is to get some chickens…I have been thinking about them for years,  I have had a lot of advice on this from a friend who has some, I shall keep you all posted!


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