A New venture

Well we are  finally doing it ! Something we have wanted to do for years … Getting chickens.

After talking about it , rejecting the idea and then back and forth we decided last  Sunday evening to order a chicken coup.

OK I know it is a big step  for a couple who have never except for 4 children ever had pets before …and please don’t say it is because we need a replacement for the children who are now all adults and flown the nest .

We have a fairly small garden and after taking advice from a friend who have chickens  we have decided to have 3 of them , which after having cleared the space we have chosen will be ample for us. This weekend it is clearing the space and then  erecting the coup which is probably the hardest part. So from next week when we go and get the chickens it will be all hands on deck learning how to keep our chickens healthy and well cared for so any suggestions will be gratefully received.

As we both said if we don’t do it now we never will and we will regret not knowing if we could have…Watch this space.

May 20th

After a very hard task the ground is nearly cleared and it is amazing how much space we have in the garden , I did not realise how overgrown some of our shrubs had got , certainly needed doing and getting chickens has done us a favour We have a very good dump in our town to dispose of our green waste and we will load the car again Saturday evening and off load half of our garden Sunday morning .

 Saturday afternoon we are erecting the coup. The instructions look very scarce so I reckon it will take us most of Saturday and half of Sunday. We are so looking forward to this , we are not concerned about the looking after thewm and cleaning etc., but a little scared about the feeding…Can they have too much, what can’t they have ?


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