The chicken venture

It is a few weeks since I have written on here , as chickens have taken over my life. We have 3 chickens which have settled in beautifully.There are 2 Ginger rangers and 1 Miss Pepperpot. I thought perhaps they would take a time to settle in but they have made their pen and coup a home from home.

I have never had a pet in my life but after growing our own vegetables and trying to live a “good life” chickens seemed the next step.It was after a few glasses of wine one Sunday evening that my husband said “If we don’t do it now we never know if we could have “…Before I knew what had happened I had ordered a coup.

So where did we go from there? Our garden is not big at all and none of our close neighbours had chickens  (but they all had barking dogs). Down we went to our local DIY store and made a 12 ft x 8ft cage with a gate fitted over 2 weekends under a nice shady spot under a pear tree. The coup arrived and fitted and in the coup  went ready for our girls to arrive.

I was so nervous , it was like waiting for exam results. My Granddaughter Hannah came to the house  the morning of their arrival to hold my hand and to help me settle them in . I need not have worried the lovely man from Omlet helped us all the way explaing how to hold them etc., The girls now have me tied round there little fingers (claws) and I fret if it rains and they get wet.



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