Hen fever


Kura-04They have taken over! I live breath and think chickens.

I would never have thought 2 months ago that things would have changed in my priorities so much.

The three girls and I  have become confident between us and they know exactly when I’m due home from work I am sure as they are waiting to be let out from their walk in run to forrage around in the garden as they wish.Their eggs have got bigger , the smallest chicken poppy , her eggs were the smallest at first at about 48 grams they are now on average 56 grams.I must be doing something right as this is a great learning curve.

Photo time I reckon, so here goes

Florrie being a poser

Florrie again with Clover otherwise known as madam.

A small leap , Poppy on the kitchen windowsill using a box as a springboard.


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