Eggs & more eggs

It is now over 2 months since we had our chickens and I never realised how many eggs we would have !We have had over 100 eggs of which 4 have been double yolks.

We were told when they came to us that it could take a few weeks before they settled down and started laying . Low and behold we had our first egg after 5 days.

It was tiny only 41 grams …But it was an egg…We have only had one day since when we have had no eggs. Most days it is 2 out of 3 and then we have a run of 3 a day. Now the average egg weighs about 55 grams and the double yolkers 70 plus.

People I meet in the shop I work in always say “hmm I will have your eggs off you” NO WAY ! my girls take a lot of time and effort to produce those lovely deep yellow yolked eggs , no one but family are having those. I think I will have to start again making recipes to ring the changes. Although you can’t beat soft boiled eggs and soldiers made from home made wholemeal bread.

We got our chickens from a company called Omlet who are based in Oxford but they will deliver within a certain distance.They have a great forum also as all the people on it will help with any problems you may have. .


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