Chickens pickings .





I have been away from here for so long I feel quite guilty ! It has been such a hectic year but a great one but now I feel it’s time I returned to this blog as  so    much has happened.

I have had the lovely chickens for 15 now months and they have changed our lives for the better .would I like to be with out chickens in my back garden now? No way!

I am concerned though that I keep hearing that it is now the fashion to have chickens in the backyard.We took a lot of thought and years planning the right way and time but I know of people that have decided to have chickens and found that although they are easy to look after they have gone off the idea after a few months ,thinking that they are just egg making machines ,they are more than that they are more like pets and deserve to be treated with love and care just like a dog or cat.

Many of the coups people buy are fine but the run that comes with them are too small for them to stay in for any length of time. We built a walk in run that gives Clover,Poppy and Rosie plenty of room to roam around if we are not around.Otherwise they roam around in our very small garden .Much more interesting than flowers.


Poppy on our kitchen window sill

In what was once my herb garden.

Clover, Poppy and Rosie sneaking in the back door.



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