Allotment Pickings.

Allotment view

I thought it was about time I updated about the allotments.It has been a really bad year,probably our worst in 10 years , although it has  the same for others .There have been good and bad.

potatoes  We planted Piccasso which is a main crop and a good all-rounder and Pink fir apple which is a knobbly potato and more of a salad potato .We saved them just in time from blight others on our allotments caught it we chopped down all our stalks and leaves down before it got a chance to attack the potatoes themselves .We have enough in our garage hanging in hessian sacks to last us the year.We did try some winter potatoes planted in August which were not successful at all .They were Charlotte and all though we had a fair few we hardly got the money back which we paid for the seed potatoes.

Leeks Now they were the star this year.I have had the best crop yet with enough to see us through .Most are blanched and packed in our chest freezer but we still have more to dig .

Broad beans. These were also good but I think this is because the crop was ready before the really nasty bad weather set in .

Carrots What can I say about carrots ? Not a lot I did not have one .They all rotted away ,but in my defence I never can grow them and Monty Dom had the  problem ,so not just me !

Beetroot Very good ,I grew three different types this year and they were all successful.

Spinach & Chard  That is still going strong which is great as we have the chickens and they just love a handful.

Seeds  For the first time I had a whole bed of seeds put straight into the ground instead of starting them off at home and they all rotted.

Next year is going to be different I spent less time up there because the weather was so bad but I think I am going to have to be braver and get wet or cold. I have changed the layout so it should be more user-friendly. After all these years several of the allotment owners have started an association so we should get more help from our local council next year.


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