Retirement ,Chickens & Allotments .

retire After 50 years it has come the time to hang up my work clothes.. .. Take my garden fork more in hand and watch my chickens doing chickeny things from my patio doors. I thought long and hard about when to give up and was planning on the middle of this year but as we were going away for Christmas “Bit the bullet”

It is the last part of my life so Children gone, Husband Ian still working and away in the day but home at weekends with me ,I felt that now was the time .So what am I going to do? We have the two allotments which did not have as much TLC as usual because of the weather so that is a big plan .Although I have always tried to grow vegetables that you don’t get in thew super market this year i want to experiment more.My big aim is to look more into saving my own seeds for next year.I have done this only before with beans.I am sure i can do better than that!

The chickens while I was at  work were shut in their WIR which they got used to but I like seeing them with space like chickens should have. Now they are out most of the time and wandering about preening and grooming.

I want to learn Spanish ,We go away to Fuerteventura at least once if not twice a year and always feel ashamed that I only know a few words and I know I could do better. “Addios Amigo , Gratia ,Ola etc., does not seem quite enough.

I love riding my bike so I would like to be a little more adveturous on that.

I love making bread  and rolls also pickles and preserves so I would like to do more of that experimenting more with flavours  .

This is my last chance ..No excuses. I can do what ever I like .


4 thoughts on “Retirement ,Chickens & Allotments .

  1. You will have a great time. Having a bit of time off over Christmas made me realise how good it is. I would love more time with my chooks and doing the things I like doing instead of the things I have to do. I look forward to following your new life! I am sure it’s going to be great.

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