Tips for new allotmenteers!

courgetteIt was a hard year last year and a very late start this year .Usually we would have had a head start at the allotments by now but no chance!
So as I have nothing really to report I thought I would add a few bits of advice due to my expereiences down the years.
We started about 10 years ago after a lady I worked with told me about local ones going begging.I mean begging as they had been left with no organisation for years.
So for a small price we took one on in May of that year which was covered in couche grass…What a struggle! now my advice is one step at a time .
1. Divide your plot into squares so that you start and complete one bit at a time .
2. Don’t be daunted about the size ,if you think it would help cover part of it with membrane until you are ready to dig .
3.decide what is useful to keep like fruit bushes . Prune those if you can at this time of year so you can see what you have .
4. Only plant what you like to eat yourself and try and find varieties you can’t find in super yellow courgettes ,purple cauliflowers ,purple french beans .
5.Plant loads of potatoes as they break up the ground and cover an area quickly.We grow enough to last us the year .If stored properly in sacks they will.
6.Be aware of neighbours etc that say ” Oh you have your own veg ..Can I have some ? ” Don’t give it away .
7.Don’t be put off by what you think of as failures .We all have them . Enjoy being in the fresh air,exercising and making you and your family healthier by having your own veg which is cheaper and tastes better than aby thing you can buy .
8. Chat to others with a plot especcially the older people they have loads of knowledge and love telling “newbies” how to do it


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