Two New Chickens

634583-chicken_thumbWe sadly had to have one of girls Poppy put to sleep last week as she was very poorly.It was extra sad as she was one of our original girls.
We had already made arrangements to get to more girls from a local farm so it made it slightly easier to bear the loss of poor Poppy.
So off we went on Saturday morning armed with a cosy box .In the place they were held were several different types but we had to consider our type of garden if they were flighty and could get over a 6 foot fence…Also not too large .
We decided on a lovely Black star Annie who is about 15 weeks old and just lovely ..Black with a lovely gold necklace and a Gold star Bonnie of about 20 weeks old who is has already provided us with 2 lovely eggs..
They are in a separate pen for a couple of weeks within easy reach of our 2 remaining girls Clover and Rosie who in the main are ignoring them but every so often they let the new girls know who is boss .Rosie has definitely grown in stature since the weekend now she knows she is not bottom of the pecking order any more .

new girls 002


2 thoughts on “Two New Chickens

  1. Two lovely new girls, can’t wait to see them altogether. Hope all continues well, great news on getting eggs already. Looks like you will have a lovely little flock when they are all used to each other.

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