The New Chicken Coup

rosie2 It is a while since I wrote about my lovely chickens. The 4 of them Clover, Rosie , Bonnie and little Annie have now been together for over 6 months .



Clover being the old girl is still top chick and rules the roost in her quiet and regal way. They all get on really well together and spend most of the day in harmony except for poor little Annie who still gets the odd peck or two from Rosie.

Three weeks ago we had red mite in our old wooden coup . They seem to multiply by the 1000’s by the hour. After spraying , dusting with mite powder, scrubbing and hosing it down with a power washer the only thing left was to put a hammer to it and take it to our local tip. As the girls were left with a small wooden coup made to fit 2 A recycled plastic coup was ordered from Scotland .It duly arrived and I was thrilled as not only was it easy to take apart and wash and dry but it was big enough to hold at least 10 chickens although it was supposed to house only 6..I had dreams of a flock in future.

new coup

It was side by side their little coup and they looked at it with suspicion not quite knowing what had landed . Three days went past and I did not want to shove them in it so shut the door of the little coup to see what would happen …………All hell was let loose! Rosie was the first, she walked up the steps of the old coup and could not get in .She looked puzzled ,frowned ,walked down and repeated the walk .She then pecked at the door and then put her shoulder to it and started screaming . Went down the steps again where Clover and the other two were now waiting .They all started screaming and I reckon a union meeting was held and I was surprised there was not a placard waving going on .

At this point my husband said we had to open the door otherwise war was going to break out as they were all stressed and going around in circles.

The door was opened and they all went up the steps into bed and 3 weeks later I still have an empty new coup .They wander in and out of it on occasions but no one has slept in it . The only result is that on Sunday when they all wanted to lay at the same time we had an egg laid in there .

We have decide that as you know chickens don’t like change and they will bide their time and will sleep in there at some point on a night which they will choose not us .Any way when I do decide to add more girls the new lovely shiny new coup is there ready and waiting .


2 thoughts on “The New Chicken Coup

  1. A cunning plan for the Spring maybe ! We would have to get at least 2 and we have 4 eggs a day at the moment and only 2 of us so the neighbours are having a few. . I would like to succeed in getting them in the new coup by the on start of winter , but then they like snuggling up .

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