Chicks Rule

chicksAfter destroying my old coup last week because of continued redmite I had the new coup arrive from Solway in Scotland over a week ago and it was side by side of the little reserve coup totally ignored and they refused to go near it .Wednesday last week when I came home from work I decided because of a small trace of red mite to dismantle the reserve one,
No attention was made until bedtime .Bonnie looked at the space and frowned ,puzzled but no screaming or shouting and it got darker and darker and they all disappeared . I went and closed the new coup door ,stroking the top of it saying what good girls they were .Closed the Walk-in-Run gates and turned round to find the 4 girls asleep on the box under my kitchen window .
So we both picked them up and put them in . My OH picked them up one by one as I shut the door on each one .As I opened the door for him to put one in ,one already in there popped out . Now on reflection I am having a good giggle just thinking of it .It was so funny it would have made a good comedy .
Today they came out as good as gold .
The next morning I thought there would be problems as they always laid in the reserve coup . Annie went in to the new coup as good as gold and laid an egg in the egg box and after a gnashing of beak for a while Bonnie laid in there as well. Rosie waited till later in the day and was as good as gold.I did not have an egg from Clover for two days but I was not expecting one for a few days as she is getting older .
The moral of this tale is ..Take notice of people who know better who told me to just pick them up and put them in a week ago and I took no notice .Now it is like it has always been there . Where the old one was we had extra space so they have new logs to jump on .


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