Vegetable successes 2013

Allotment view It is the time of year when you start to reflect on the good and the bad . What has succeeded and what has failed .

Last year was not good but this year has been more than successful. We have been blessed with a wonderful summer and just enough rain to see us through ,even when we were watering up the allotments by hand  nothing can compensate for rain water.

Our successes I will start with first .

Squash and pumpkin

This is the first year I have grown these and have been very  pleased with the result . We have 2 allotments and we gave up a quarter of one to squashes and courgettes . I have some lovely ones not huge because anything bigger than a football would be wasted on us ..although our chickens love the peel ground up in the processor .Pumpkin or squash soup is so easy to make and throwing some cooked chicken and noodle make a lovely meal for me .Below is one of mine of which I am really chuffed with .

Pumpkin soup

  • After peeling about 1kg of  pumpkin Chop it into into 1 inch pieces
  • Add wedges of red onion .
  •  put in a tray and sprinkle some olive oil over
  • Add some chilli flakes and salt
  • use herbs if liked
  • Bake in a medium oven until soft .
  • Put in a blender with about a pint of vegetable stock and wizz up
  • Serve with noodles.

There is a great site below on how to successfully store pumpkins and squashes .

Borlotti beans

Wonderful this year I just love growing them as I love the colours. I don’t grow runner beans or French beans but just love these .

Cooking Borlotti beans

Find a dish with a well fitting lid put in shelled beans and just cover with vegetable stock ,add some sage leaves and rosemary and a couple of sliced tomatoes.

Cook in a medium oven for about an hour or so until beans are cooked easy and wonderful.

How to know your beans.

Broccali and cauliflower

These are two more vegetables of which I have had great success this year.There is nothing more exciting after all the growing time to see those lovely florets. I have grown them before but not with so many well formed heads.

Broccali and Parmesan

  • Drop the broccoli florets into a pan of boiling salted water, bring back to the boil, cook for 3-5 minutes until tender, then drain.
  • Melt some  butter in a large frying pan and, once sizzling, add the broccoli. Season with salt and pepper and sprinkle in as much of the Parmesan as you want to use. Gently stir the florets in the cheese and butter. Scatter on a little more grated Parmesan to serve.

2 thoughts on “Vegetable successes 2013

  1. You said you would start first with your successes, where are your failures or is that a future post, or did you not have any!

    Your pumpkins and beans look amazing and are both things I have never grown before.

    Our first broccoli were good but then they got covered in caterpillars which put me right off. I will stick to purple sprouting in future which I like as you can keep picking it and it doesn’t seem to get so full of caterpillars.

    Our leaks and potatoes are good right now but tomatoes have only recently started to ripen. We have just started eating the corn cobs which are so much better than last year, when none really ripened.

    I still think your strawberries were the best I have ever tasted. I need to renew my pitiful hanging strawberry basket which yielded about ten strawberries this year!

    I will await your next post because I know there will be much more to come. We have just started eating really lovely potatoes after last years failure and I know you have so many more than we do.

    Sorry to be sooo long!!!

  2. You can be as long as you like. I am so pleased to here your comments . The pumpkins and beans were a great yield and I think they will store well,but I’m not sure if it was my great gardening or just a good year .
    When I take the runners from my strawberries i will let you have some .I had two hanging baskets with some in and they did not do well.
    I have a lot of chard and spinach which is still going strong so the chickens can have a lot of that so no one loses out .
    I did have a few failures watch this space !

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