Vegetable Failures 2013

cabbage.jpg I have written about some of my successes this year but now for the failures . Not many but enough to make me go grrrrr


Over 11 years of growing this is the worst we have ever had. Normally we have enough onions to see us almost through the year but 2013 we have not enough to last us a month or two. They are so small and I swear that some are smaller than the onion sets we put in .

Normally we dry them out in our garage laid out on a pasting table .We then store them in onion sacks and hang them by butchers hooks from the ceiling .

This is also the first year that we did not plant a winter set which I believe are some times called Japanese onions .They are planted in the Autumn and grow all through winter. They are usually ready about a month before the main crop. I have already realised my mistake and ordered them for this year and will be ready to plant the end of September.


Another failure on  the whole a lot of them went to seed .I tried several different types from little gem to cos  all were planted at different times of the year but no successes …Very  disappointing .

Early potatoes

Again not enough  and very small .We grew Charlotte which are usually very good but a disaster really ,thank goodness they were not our main crop. After our early potatoes we were fearing the worst but we need not have worried as our Piccasso and our Red rooster main crop are good enough to last us till next year .

On summing up  I think the piece of ground the onions were grown on did not have enough feed .The whole of our allotments are having more this year . I have saved most of my chickens manure and that is going to go on with farm house manure in a few weeks as soon as each piece of ground gets cleared. Covered in membrane all winter this year so we get a head start next year.

Last winter was bad for most so not enough chances to prepare the ground .




2 thoughts on “Vegetable Failures 2013

  1. We didn’t grow lettuce this year as I got fed up with it going to seed. We usually grow maris piper potatoes but the last few years they got wire worm. This year we changed to red potatoes and they are really good and no worms yet. We are so pleased with them. We have grown onions in the past and have never had any luck so have given up on them. I know exactly what you mean about them seeming smaller than when you put them, how does that happen!

    On the whole though I think you have done really well and we are reasonably pleased with our little veg plot too.

  2. There is always next year .When you have a few failures or you are digging in the rain or cold you wonder if it is all worth it ..then you taste the successes and even the failures and realise how wonderful most things taste compared to the super markets.

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