Chickens and Vegatables



This has got to be our best year for a few years for chicken free problems (fingers crossed ) and for vegetables.

We have had an abundance of vegetables and a lot that will see us through the winter. The Curly Kale ,Spinach and Chard will see the chickens through the winter picking leaves and stalks as they grow. You need to keep picking for them to have regrowth . The chickens need them  for the iron and vitamins that need extra for lovely yellow and good quality eggs .

Yesterday I took off a cloche that I had forgotten and shamefully found some lovely spring onions and lettuces I had forgotten about .The lettuces I was really pleased with as my previous ones had gone to seed. Today we are starting to dig over most of the ground to cover for the winter ,this is to make life easier in the spring .

The weeds are dreadful at the moment but in two weeks our allotments will be allowed to have bonfires which is not allowed between may and October .This mainly due to being very close to houses which rightly  don’t want bonfire smoke in their houses during the summer months with their windows open .. I can’t wait to be up there with our wellies and thick jumpers on to start burning ..There is nothing like it .

Autumn also brings the time to plant our Garlic for next year. It needs to be planted now so that it gets a good start and it is the frosts that form the bulbs. Also Autumn onion sets  that will grow through the winter. My spring planted onions this year were a total failure so I am hoping that by planting the Autumn ones they will get a better start…Here’s to next year !


chick1 Our chickens …Clover, Rosie, Bonnie and Annie have been great this year and they have grown into a lovely little flock who really get on together. Bonnie and Annie joined the other two in February 2013 and it only took a week for them to get all together as a little gang although little Rosie an oldie now was fighting not to be bottom chick .In the end apart from Clover still being top chick still there does not seem to be a second in command .

Our biggest problem this year was red mite..It was just terrible and it makes me itch just to think about it now .It took 3 weeks of trying to get rid of them and in the end I just put a hammer to the wooden coup and put a hammer to it . As written in my previous posts a new plastic coup which I am thrilled with was installed.

The 4 girls are still providing us with 3 eggs at least a day .Clover who is now 3 her eggs are getting thinner shells but with limestone flour and cod liver oil they settle down again for a while .


One thought on “Chickens and Vegatables

  1. We also feel their have been less chicken problems this year with our only problem being the feather pulling which quite honestly doesn’t bother the chooks but does me as it spoils their looks, but at least it’s not a health problem.

    We have had our best year ever for potatoes and leeks and tomatoes and corn cobs but our worst for beans which usually can’t go wrong. I put our successes down to the chooks manure! I put the failure of beans down to the weather, cold spring, hot summer, didn’t water enough!

    More chook manure for next year and more success I hope plus lessons learned from this year, I will leave the chard in and let it continue, I took it out too early this year as I didn’t realize it would keep going. Onward and upwards with lessons learned but every year is different. That’s the fun though! Long may it continue! x

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