New beginnings

 2014-01-09 13.25.26

It is now over three years since we first got our first chickens, but thought it was time to add to our little flock which was now down to two .We still have Clover our old girl of over three and Bonny who is about eighteen months.

This is the story of adding the lovely Shadow and Willow from day one and the goings on of our 4 girls in a small garden .

We were going to get two new girls in the spring but after  losing my favourite little chicken  Rosie we decided to bring it forward to now.

My friend and I went to  a farm near Windsor called Willow Court farm who had some pullets for sale and he had a variety of breeds . A great working farm with well loved and cared for animals As soon as I saw these love girls it was love at first sight .

Shadow is a Speckledy and about 14 weeks old and Willow is a Bluebell at about the same age .

Friday morning


Clover our old girl and top chick.

Poppy on our kitchen windowsill.

Bonnie second top chick on our kitchen window sill.

This was the first full day and although the new girls are  in a separate pen Bonnie one of the oldies screamed for two hours at least. Clover top chick only joined in on occasions to add solidarity I reckon . A bit of eye balling along the run but nothing serious.

After a while it all settled down and I expected it to start again but it didn’t .They totally ignored them for the rest of the day . The new girls how ever settled in really well although they are very nervous of course but seem to go around as a pair and not so far phased by each other at all . I had ordered a small plastic dog kennel which was a bargain and can be dismantled when not needed. Previously I had a small wooden coup for my other introductions but it got red mite and it had to be burnt . That evening they trotted off into the dog kennel as good as gold and snuggled down for the night .

Saturday and Sunday morning .

They came out as right as rain and acted like they have been there for ever . Bonnie did not scream at all and Clover just carried on doing chicken things ..Not a peep .I know it is early days and they have not mixed yet but I have my fingers and toes crossed for a peaceful transition . Having done this twice before I really think that patience is the key and I have time .

Shadow seems at the moment to be the more inquisitive one with Willow being the follower so I think that sadly Willow will be bottom chick… Some one has to be !


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