Allotment start 2014

   It has been such a mild winter even though every where is so wet through having so much rain. I really am so grateful that we live on a hill. It is time now of course to dream of vegetables of plenty and browsing seed catalogues. Yesterday around 10 am the sun was out and after a frost it was crisp and dry so out came the bike and I went to pick some lovely kale ,chard and spinach for our lovely chickens . If you keep picking these throughout the winter they will carry on till spring . We also have some lovely leeks that are doing really well and a few were pulled to make leek and potato soup .Sadly any cauliflowers that were coming along the frost has got to so they are no longer but the leaves will be fine hung up in the chicken run so nothing is wasted.

I was intending to only stay a short while but the weather was so nice I stayed 2 hours. I just pottered about replacing any covering that had been blown about and making sure everything was secure. We have a problem with rabbits, deer and pheasants having more than a nibble sometimes but at this time of the year as long as they don’t over do it they are welcome to any left overs .

In the afternoon the weather had changed again and it rained really heavily and so my friend Carol came to see the new chickens Shadow and Willow to see how much they had changed in just a week .She went home with a bag of veg leaves for her girls and a bag of saved autumn leaves for their run . Chickens just love rummaging in leaves to find any bugs that might have still been ion there. Also the leaves will finally bio degrade down and enrich the soil .

After winning a couple of prizes in a vegetable competition on line  with my ballotti beans and pumpkin I feel inspired to do even better .

The next project for this weekend is to make sure the greenhouse is ready for the new intake of seeds and plants ..


2 thoughts on “Allotment start 2014

  1. Thank you for my goodies. This morning I have hung up the stalk of Kale and tossed in the chard for the girls. I am going to save the leaves for the weekend and will probably take more photos of the girls enjoying them.

  2. It was a pleasure it was the least I could do. There will be a lot more as the ground will need to be cleared ready for new stock .

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