Mixing the New Girls

chickIt has been two weeks now since Shadow and Willow the two new girls joined the Oakwood team. They have been separate from the two old girls for most of this time and only a few incidents of Bonny causing a fuss when she spotted them. So we thought it was time !

They have their own little coup which is a small plastic dog kennel brought on line and the Walk in run is separated by a door.Yesterday was a lovely dry day with a bit of bright sunshine and for the first time in ages no rain! We decided to bite the bullet and let them mix with me standing by  . We started by opening the door separating the WIR while the old girls were out free ranging to let the new girls find their feet and get to know their surrounding area and the best way to escape.

newgirls 013

We then opened the doors of the run and let them free range on to the patio area. I was expecting a lot of scrapping from Bonny but it did not happen. A bit of chasing has been the worst that has happened . Clover the oldest girl just did not bother about them at all.. She knows she is top chick! Bonnie does not want to go down a step in the pecking order.

Shadow the Speckled chick is much more timid and stands back till she is sure there is no threat ,Willow the Bluebell chick is much more daring ,taking a chance when she can although they are both very good at keeping their distance and diving out of the way if needed.

By today Sunday they were far more confident and Bonny and Clover just let them get on with ,more or less ignoring the new girls. The new girls do an about turn if they come across Bonny and Clover but they all have done really well and I am so pleased of how the weekend has gone.

newgirls 022

Next weekend we are going to try and put them into the big coup and dismantle the dog kennel and put that away for the next new girls ,so they will be all together .. Watch this space!



2 thoughts on “Mixing the New Girls

  1. I am so pleased for you that it is going so well. You seem to be having a lot less hassle than I did. I would definitely takes things more slowly next time. They are such lovely girls. Can’t wait to see the next step.

  2. It is going really well but Shadow is still the nervous one and Bonny knows it ! she chases her every time she sees her out the corner of her eye ..But Shadow can move.
    Good old girl Clover is not bothered by them at all.

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