Poorly Chicken Moulting .

stressHaving lost two chickens in the last couple of months for different reasons when Bonnie a couple of weeks ago started to feel sorry for herself  I started to get concerned as I thought it was too much of a coincidence ..What had I been doing wrong ? was it the hygiene ? Did they have enough space ?I thought I was really good at keeping them clean by using sanitizing powder in their coup and run and poo picking more than once a day .I hose down their recycled coup once a week and replace every thing .But it turns out it was none of those things. I have had chickens now for over three years and did not realise the moult could make them so poorly .Bonnie started moulting a bit and suddenly she went from being a lovely girl running around and doing chicken things, greedy and eating anything in sight and chasing and pecking the new girls to being withdrawn ,under a hedge all day ,not eating and ignoring the new girls…which gave them the chance to get their feet under the table so to speak !

On the 3rd day I took her to the vet she was that bad .It shows how bad she was as I could not see her like it any more . The vet gave her a full exam and checked her thoroughly and said she was in tip top condition …Phew! The feathers were coming out but not to any great extent and she still carried on feeling sorry for herself .She did start to eat meal worms, scrambled egg, tuna and sweet corn and yesterday she started to improve and this morning came first out of the coup and straight to the pellets and water and is doing chicken things . .

The reason I am writing this is if your chicken is poorly get advice as 3 years ago with out knowing a lot about chickens and having a vet then that knew nothing about chickens I would have maybe had her PTS. In other words don’t give up hope as these lovely feathered girls do attach themselves to your heart and I would not be without any of them if I could help it .

also over 3 years have had great advice from the forum at Down the lane http://www.downthelane.net The people on their have so much experience and I have learnt so much from them . I am just so glad the lovely Bonnie is getting better by the day .


2 thoughts on “Poorly Chicken Moulting .

  1. In my two years of chicken keeping this winter was also my first moult. I too had no idea it would effect them so much. Dotty first then Pepper moulted and showed the same signs. A lack of confidence, slower, looking miserable and just not their usual self. As soon as they were through it (a month from start to end) they were right back to their usual self again and showing the other girls they were back in place. These girls do like to worry us!

    So glad that Bonnie is looking more herself again.

  2. As I said before I did not realise chicken watching could be so stressful. I really thought we were going to lose her.
    She is not out of the woods yet but getting there!

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