My broody hen day four .

on eggsShadow my  Speckldey is only young and has only been laying for about two months and has gone broody . This is my first broody chicken so I was puzzled at first thinking she was poorly. It started 4 days ago and is  not a problem more of a nuisance She sits in the nest box for hours on end the poor girl thinking she is going to be a mum

shadow and others 068

This is the broody shadow.

sunday afternoon 001

This is her when she is being a good girl.

The five girls have a large coup with two nest boxes but only ever use the one and of course you have guessed it she is in the one they use and don’t like going to lay an egg with company. Yesterday I put in the WIR our spare coup which is a small plastic dog kennel which has been a  God send when introducing new girls. This is now a spare nest box which has yet to be used but they have been inspecting it .

Three days on and I keep taking her reluctantly out of the nest box and putting  her outside . This morning she has been lifted out and stayed out for half an hour eaten a bit and drunk a bit  but is now back in with all the other girls protesting as they want to lay their eggs.

I was going to borrow my friends dog crate to put her in where she could stay until it was over but have put that on hold at the moment as I noticed that this morning she was being chased off by the others and pecked a bit because she has not been around much . I reckon she needs to be with them as much as possible otherwise she will go down the pecking order.

I have looked at this advice and it is the best I have seen so I am studying it closely.


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