My broody hen 11 days on.

on eggs It has been a week since I reported on my lovely broody chicken Shadow and although there is a plan in progress there has only been a slight improvement.

What does seem to be the opinion from several chicken owners is that Speckledy chickens go broody a lot , by that I mean could be several times a year. ..Why didn’t I know this ? When I brought her along with my Bluebell my heart ruled my head she is a stunner and beautiful.

The latest picture of my broody girl Shadow.

shadow and others 001

The walk in run I have is fairly large and is separated in the middle with a door. The most important thing is that the other girls get a chance to lay their eggs as Shadow would sit in the coup all day which is not good for her or the other girls.

Each morning when I let them out I pick Shadow up under protest and kicking and screaming and put her in  the smaller side of the run on her own . She sits there for a while all fluffed up and then decides to wander.This has worked to some extent as she at least after a while wanders around and does not seem bothered by being in there. She has food and water but does not seem to be eating or drinking a lot but is having some . A couple of logs to sit on but at least she does not seem to be in broody position while on them.

I did have a small dog kennel in there for her but took that out as she would just go in there . After all the other girls have laid I let her out to FR with the others but shut the coup door so she can’t get in .She tries to get in several times a day but I don’t open it until just before bed time ,she then makes a bee line for it and sits there till morning and I have to lift her out to start all over again .

It seems from what I have read or heard that it usually takes about 3 weeks so we are about half way there. It is not over by a long way because if I opened that coup door she would be in there like a shot and she would not budge until lifted out. I am not sure if what I am doing is the right way but it is the only way that I can deal with it . Putting her in a dog crate and leaving her there is not for me . My friend lent me a dog crate for Shadow but she panicked when I put her in there so I did not want to put her through that stress.

This is their large coup which has two nest boxes but the other girls will not lay in it while she is in there. So it is shut once the other girls have laid till bedtime.

new coup


One thought on “My broody hen 11 days on.

  1. I really feel for you. This is one thing that I have been fortunate enough not to have had yet but at least she will get past this. The feather pulling problem I have been having is going to take a long time to sort out but at least I have made a start. You will be through this soon, as you say you are half way.

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