Down the river from Runnymede.

Down the river from Runnymede.


Sunday the 25th July turned out to be the perfect day for cruising down the river. Two coaches full of people belonging to Oasis went from Flackwell Heath to Runnymede to then board a boat for a few hours.

The day before had been a dismal day when the rain had just not stopped and yet on this Sunday morning the sun just shone all day. We were so lucky ! Arriving at the boat we sailed from Runnymede down the river going through three locks on the way.


By the lock at Runnymede.

Runnymede is where the Magna Carta was signed on  the15th June 1215 by King John . Magna Carta is Latin for Great charter and is the basis of most of the laws we still abide by today in the 21st century.


The beautiful weeping willows all the way along.

It was so nice just to chat to people on the boat and listen to the lovely music mostly old classics by Frank Sinatra , Nat king Cole etc., sung by Adam in his own way.


I think we all agreed that a lovely moment was when we saw a bride and groom walking along by the river. She looked so beautiful and we were all waving to the happy couple who waved back at us all.

Also seeing all the families out on this lovely sunny day basking in the sunshine ,walking their dogs, playing with  their children doing proper family things…It was a joy !


A few of the people on the boat having a great time . Others were on the top deck watching the world go by.

We had been given a packed lunch to have on the boat which was more than enough for most but at about three pm tea was served.. Cream scones, sandwiches ,cakes ,fruit tarts. we were really spoilt.


The cream tea and more. 

It was so nice to be made so welcome by many people who I had never met before and who hopefully will become friends. It  was only my second time of going with Oasis which is a bereavement group run by Richard Chalmers and his family in Flackwell Heath . A great time was had by all of us and I can’t thank them enough .

A few more pictures taken on the way .

CIMG1888 CIMG1881CIMG1877CIMG1879



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