Dieting ..Again.

Dieting again.


It is nine years now since I decided to try and change my life style and lose weight as the heaviest I had ever been . After trying a club I decided it was not for me so came home and devised my own diet. With a lot of dedication and support I lost over 4 stone which was fantastic and a great achievement . I thought I was too thin so adjusted it slightly and stayed the same for 8 years… 9 years on..and my weight has  crept up again and I now weigh nearly same after a very bad year.

Another start.

We are now in year 2016 and I need to be positive and optimistic again . As it worked last time with a lot of discipline I am going to try the same method again .

This meant cutting out most fats and sugars. I don’t eat a lot of sweet things and don’t buy a lot of sugar so it must be the hidden sugars and fats. I eat very little meat and use mainly fish , salads and vegetables. I still grow most of my own vegetables at my allotment so that is a good start.

This time of year though not only am I not growing many vegetables but I am not getting the exercise I need. A few weeks from now in February it will hopefully all systems go.

Me nine years ago.






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