Waiting for Spring.

Walking by the allotments.

It is nearly the end of January and it seems to have been a long winter. Though not really cold as in previous years but very grey, dark and very ,very wet.

I long to get going up the allotments again as I have a lot to tackle but it is wet and boggy. Not being able to drive does not help as I have to rely on my trusty bike with no where to shelter if it is wet.

By the allotments is a public footpath which leads through fields across styles and  down to the Crooked Billet pub . Well known for it’s cider.


Along the way we cross fields which house much wild life including red kite, deer , rabbits and hares not forgetting the birds.

A cross these fields while walking it’s a time to think and to get exercise. Meeting others walking usually with their dogs .

Preparing the allotment.

This time last year I started preparing the second week of February. This year I think it will be a lot later as the ground is so wet.  Never the less it is a good chance if I go there now I will see some old friends who love their allotments as much as I do. They are always there to help and chat but know when to stay away when you are deep in thought or digging away there. This year I

A new plan

This year is a new plan, I hope to divide the plot more into sections to make it easier to deal with now I’m tackling it on my own. I have the wood, I have the seeds all I need now is the weather and the get up and go.


5 thoughts on “Waiting for Spring.

    • Where I live I am within a 5 minute walk of stunning countryside with a wood at the bottom of my garden ( not my wood) lovely setting .

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