Isle of Wight trip.

A trip to my sisters.

My sister lives on the Isle of Wight and last week I made a three day trip by train to visit her. I went from Bourne End station to Portsmouth and then over on the catamaran to the island. I must have picked the worse day weather wise of the whole of the winter as the winds were so strong that the hovercrafts were postponed but the catamaran was still running. It was my scariest journey ever holding on to the sides of my seat  all the way.It was like being on a rollercoaster with the sea underneath.

Wightlink Catamaran

Bed & breakfast.

I stayed in a bed and breakfast as my sister lives in a one bedroom flat and I like my own space.

Diana who runs the B & B called Sea view is just lovely and she is just around the corner from my sister. This is the view from the bedroom window so you can see how close it is.


Views of the Island.

The weather was not perfect as the winds were so strong and of course it was still February. We mostly shopped which always seems a good idea.On Ryde esplanade is a shop that used to be owned in 1953 by Thomas Skinner. His shop was raided by the police for selling “Saucy ” postcards  by Donald Mc Gill. They seized 1,087 postcards.He protested strongly as there was a shop in Ventnor Isle of Wight still selling them. He closed his shop that day and never opened again . In the window is the same stock including silk stockings dust and all. It has never been touched since.


Down the high street looking towards the sea.

There are some wonderful little shops still which many towns seem to have lost also a great number of independent places to eat and drink .


Nature reserve.

Last time I was there we discovered a nature reserve which was stunning . Just down the road from Ryde taking a long walk to Seaview we came across it .How did my sister not know it was there?

  A walk along the beach.

Walking along the beach at Ryde is where we found the sanctuary on the way to Seaview.

Home again.

After three days it is time to go. I love the Island and a great place to visit still with that old world charm…But back to my life and my chickens who I hope will have missed me.

Looking towards Portsmouth on the catamaran…Going home.



2 thoughts on “Isle of Wight trip.

  1. What lovely photos. After a scary trip over it sounds like you had a really lovely time. It is always good to get back home again though.

  2. I agree .. When I said to some one I missed my family , they didn’t realise I meant my chickens!
    It was a lovely trip 3 days is long enough for me .

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