About me

Hi! My name is Jackie and I live in the south of England with my husband in a village called Flackwell Heath.I suppose you would say it is in the countryside which is why I have 2 allotments which are in the middle of the most amazing countryside…Once there it is peace and quiet (apart from the noises from the occasional animal or bird.)
We grow all our own vegetables  and they are all organic.I am now retired which gives  me spare time to go to our allotments which are only 10 minutes walk from my home  so I am there as much as possible. I usually ride a bike to there  and back so this saves me a lot of valuable time.
I bake my own bread and I’m not bad at pies ..but useless at cakes. I am not a vegetarian but over the years have eaten less and less meat so now I don’t eat any but would if my life depended on it.
We have 4 lovely chickens who are so therapeutic .They keep us  most of the year  in eggs .

2 thoughts on “About me

  1. Hi Jackie, thanks for finding the time to post such inspirational blogs and for finding the time to follow my own allotments adventures (slightly off-the (garden) wall at times).

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