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2 thoughts on “Contact Me

  1. Jackie:

    Forgive me for intruding into your busy schedule.

    I have just read your posts about your broody hen one of which I accessed here

    I know that the posts were written last year but I noticed that your blog is still active. I notice that you live in Bucks. I live in Exeter

    In your post, you have referenced another great resource about broody hens (

    I am writing to let you know that I have just created my own very detailed guide on broody hens which you can read here.

    It is over 6000 words long and answers 61 of the most commonly asked questions about broody hens. It covers more than just breaking broody hens.

    I have split it into different sections and tried to make it as readable as possible

    I just wondered if you would like to share it with your readership?

    Either way, thanks for reading this.

    Best Wishes,​

    • Hi James , you are not intruding at all. I would love to add your links etc.,
      I have been away from this for a while due to a lot of sadness and are just getting back into it so I was thrilled that you took notice .. Thanks again… Watch this space !
      Jackie x

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